PEMFT – Recharge Your Vital Energy

Getting to know Hans

Hans van Latenstein approaches his life’s work which is rooted in philosophy and psychology. His vast wisdom in human behavior helps you reach your core to see the bigger picture of your life within minutes. Hans is the inventor of “GENEZEN”, a unique therapy that scans the connection between your cellular memory and the neural pathways of your subconscious mind and body. He is the researcher for our clinic and is always on the lookout for cutting-edge new technologies and therapies to make you Feel Good. The modality he is spotlighting now is PEMFT.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)

Developed by NASA in the late 1960s to help astronauts stay healthy in space while away from the earth’s magnetic field, PEMFT (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) is designed to help the health of our bodies’ cells through pulsed electromagnetic waves. Similar to astronauts in orbit, most of us are increasingly insulated from the earth’s natural magnetism. Most people spend more time on concrete floors than on natural soil and even then, rubber shoes, boots and vehicles isolate us from the earth’s natural magnetism. 

Stimulating the Autonomic Nervous System

PEMFT stimulates our Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and greatly improves our immune response to changing environmental factors. Our ANS is the “automatic pilot” of our breathing, heart rate, digestion and of all our vital functions. Disruptions of our ANS increases the risk of disease and speeds up the aging process. PEMFT clears our bodies’ energy circuits, reduces stress and allows us to be proactive for our health. 

The energy around us

We all see and feel the energy in and around us. It constantly moves and changes. Our adaptability to all these changes is key to our health. All energy has frequencies and every atom, chemical, cells and organs in our bodies have a specific electromagnetic frequency. PEMFT brings balance back to our bodies on the cellular level. Our cells are very receptive and are able to restore themselves more efficiently within the environment created by the natural frequencies of the earth. PEMFT is so beneficial because it treats even the most minor pathological states of imbalance in our ANS making minor corrections to our automatic pilot. 

Benefits of PEMFT

Since the 1960s PEMFT is extensively researched and over 2,000 scientific research data are in. To mention a few of the many benefits: improved circulation, reduction of pain, muscle relaxation, and performance, decreased inflammation, improved oxygenation in the tissues, improved sleep, enhanced cellular repair, improved immune response, nerve regeneration, anti-aging, decreased migraines, recovery of arthritis and stroke rehabilitation. The list goes on. PEMFT is so beneficial because it imitates nature’s methods.

Our cells are like little batteries and when they get depleted PEMFT recharges them with vital energy. They help the body to repair free-radical damaged cellular functions and enhance cellular metabolism. We recommend regular sessions because PEMFT works cumulatively. Once a week is ideal. Each treatment takes 30 minutes. Patients relax on the treatment table while the therapy does its work. Usually, our patients improve their immune response by 64% to 98% within a few months. 

PEMFT has no known side-effects, is painless and effortless. We give regular introduction presentations about PEMFT in our clinics, and if you want to learn more, we would be happy to talk and answer any questions you have. Schedule an appointment today