ABOUT Hans van Latenstein

Creator of Genezen

Hans has had the opportunity to coach people from all over the world. He has the exceptional ability to quickly bring ease and peace to those experiencing conflict, frustration, doubt, or any kind of anxiety. Even a little talk with him helps you to zoom out and see the big picture. He makes you enthusiastic about your life and all the possibilities you have. Experiencing profound happiness is an essential ingredient of complete health and it is already present within the blueprint of your being. Hans has a unique way of bringing back each individual’s intrinsic happiness by turning that happiness into the vibrant and driving force in their lives.

Hans says: “The underlying ideas you have adopted throughout your life inspire the quality of your experience. Changing these ideas changes your experience: transforming small happiness into bigger happiness. But the great happiness, the overwhelming oceanic happiness, comes when you go beyond all concepts and ideas. I would love to stand beside you when you make that great transformation.”

Hans treats individuals, couples, and business people with Genezen. Sessions with Hans can be either local and in person, or from the convenience of your home/office via phone or Zoom.

“Your happiness is my passion”